Lean Shake Plus and Pure Protein Update

December 12, 2019

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had some unfortunate delays on Pure Protein Advanced and Lean Shake Plus recently.

PNI are big on transparency, so here’s what’s going on...

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing our range, we are working on some improvements.


Here’s how:

  • The new Pure Protein Advanced and Lean Shake Plus will be manufactured in a 100% hormone free and GMO free facility.
  • The revamped Pure Protein Advanced and Lean Shake Plus will be Kosher and Halal friendly.
  • Our whey will now be from grass fed sources only.
  • Our pouches needed an update, so they’ve been upgraded to a stronger, more eco-friendly material, and also given a bit of a makeover!

We have been working round the clock to make all of the above happen, and we’re nearly there. We’re so sorry that you’ve had to wait longer than we’d hoped, but good things take time (and the best things take a little bit longer).


You can expect to have the upgraded PNI ready for purchase in early 2020, with some generous introductory offers to thank you all for your patience.


Until then, we promise it will be worth the wait!

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