About us

PNI Supplements Mission 

To be the best, most ethical, fully complete nutritional food supplement brand available.  

You may be wondering what PNI Stands for, quite simply Pure Nutrition. We aim to push boundaries, formulating products that aid performance & are innovative. 

Not only do we stand for Pure Nutrition, we stand behind it. PNI has has gone through many brand relaunches over the years.

Founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Marc & Leah Byrne; Supplementboss and mrssupplementboss (find them on instagram) who want to make a difference in the supplement world, tired of the run of the mill fat burner or the basic pre workout, they set out to create some of the best formulation supplements available. They achieved this through years of research and development.

Some fantastic formulas where created including: 

So what about 2018 and beyond? With a new year brings new products, gone are the thermogenic weight loss style supplements. What remains and what continue to push the boundaries of research and development are products such as:

  • Lean shake plus #1 selling Gluten free, lactose free lean meal replacement since 2014
  • Super Greens Complete Superfood blend, completely natural 
  • Pure Protein Advanced #1 selling Gluten & Lactose Free formula 
  • Pure Amino Advanced Complete EAA + BCAA powder comprising electrolytes & minerals, great for recovery & rehydration 

Our products are manufactured in two facilities, one based in the UK and one in the USA. Both GMP accredited, holding some of the highest standards in hygiene possible. 

Product Spotlight 

Lean shake plus 

Lean Shake Plus is still after all these years our best selling gluten free, lactose free Lean Meal replacement, extremely versatile and filling. Lean Shake Plus is designed for men, women & children! Yes children can enjoy a high protein, low carbohydrate, low sugar milk shake for their breakfast, Lean shake plus is Gluten & lactose free perfect for anyone with Celiac or dairy/gluten intolerance's. 

Our formula ensures complete taste satisfaction. Our seven flavours ensure we have something for everyone;  fruity strawberry,  banana,  Chocolate caramel, chocolate mint, cookies & cream, vanilla  or peanut butter to tickle that sweet tooth, without the excess calories & sugars. 

Whats more Lean Shake Plus has a Fully disclosed nutritional panel, meaning that exactly what is in the bag is what is on the label. We are currently the only company in Europe and one of 3 companies in the world to give this level of information to you, ensuring you make an informed choice. 

Lean Shake Plus is a 33:33:33 split of three different types of protein; whey protein concentrate, micellar casein & egg albumen. This blend of three proteins gives an amazing consistency & ensures a slower digestion rate keeping you fuller for longer. 

The egg albumen means that you can cook pancakes & cupcakes with Lean Shake Plus without adding any further calories. Download our 12 recipe cookbook for free on the recipes tab above! 

Be safe in the knowledge that PNI stands for quality ethical honest products, manufactured to some of the highest standards available 

Are you ready to join the team? ........ we thought so! Welcome to Team PNI  




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