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About Us

What is PNI

PNI is a purely nutritious and great tasting blend of products designed to supplement your diet and active lifestyle. PNI is a low calorie fully transparent brand providing you with with a high amount of protein, vitamins, minerals & enzymes you need to stay full and perform optimally.


Why not?

PNI is a great tasting, low calorie, high protein shake made proudly in the UK. We use only the best quality ingredients to provide the best product possible.

How is it Low calorie

We have only 1g sugar, 1g fat yet 28g protein per 35g serving, with an amazing taste. How do we achieve this?

We use 3 blends of protein with differing rates of digestion, breaking down slowly throughout the day, meaning you stay fuller for longer without the additional calories.

Clever, right?

Is PNI Lactose Free


We have no lactose in our protein blends, making PNI suitable for people who struggle to consume dairy products.

Is PNI Gluten FREE


We have no gluten in our blends, making PNI suitable for people who suffer with bloating, colitis & coeliac type disorders.

Do you do samples


We have sachets available in our 20 meal plan box, and we have our shake & take sample bottles available here

Do you have Vegan options


Our Lean shake Vegan uses only plant based proteins, with no animal products used whatsoever.

We also have Super Greens which is not only gluten & lactose free but completely plant based and vegan friendly too!

See our vegan range here

Nutritional Questions

Where are your products made

We use one of the best manufacturing facilities in the UK, we source as many raw ingredients as we can from the UK in order to keep shipping costs down and continue on our mission to keep our carbon footprint low. All of our products are made in a cGMP (good manufacturing practice) registered facility, meaning you can have faith and confidence in the end product.

Can PNI Be taken on slimmers world

Yes, you can work PNI into Slimming World:
  • Lean shake plus - 6 syns 
  • Lean shake Vegan - 7 syns 
  • Super Greens - 0 Syns

is PNI Low Fod Map

Yes, Both Lean shake plus, & Pure Protein Advanced are low FOD MAP.

Do you use Artificial sweeteners

Yes, in Lean Shake Plus we use sucralose & ACE K. These are all broken down on the nutritional panel; we use 30mg of both ingredients per 35g.

To put that into context, you would need to have 142 drinks to make up a teaspoon of sweetener... we use a tiny amount to give Lean Shake Plus its amazing taste.

Do you use Natural Sweeteners

Yes. In our Lean shake Vegan & Super Greens we only use Stevia as our source of sweetener, this natural source of sweetness further enhances both products as leading plant based supplements.

Can i take PNI products for a low calorie diet

Absolutely, with only 128 calories per serving for Lean shake Plus and under 4 calories per serving for Super Greens, both are ideal to have as part of a low calorie diet.

Diet & Medical Questions

Can PNI products be used for Diabetics

Yes, with only 1g sugar per serving, Lean Shake Plus makes the ideal product to consume if you need a product which will not interfere with your blood sugar levels too much.

PNI is suitable for both type 1 & type 2 diabetics.

If you are type 1 diabetic we advise to test your blood sugars regularly when consuming PNI or any dietary supplement or meal replacement.

Can PNI be used when pregnant or breastfeeding

Yes. Although we do always recommend you consume as much of your nutrients as possible from whole food sources, you can still use PNI products when breastfeeding or throughout pregnancy. In fact, Super Greens contains vital vitamins & minerals that may assist energy levels through both periods!

Can PNI products be used by Children

Yes. In fact, both of the directors' children (James & Sophia) have grown up drinking Lean Shake Plus & making healthy low sugar PNI pancakes!
Sophia has suffered with ulcerative colitis & lactose intolerance from a very young age, and has relied on Lean Shake Plus from as a healthy breakfast shake (usually blended with almond milk and fruits). A great alternative to high sugar cereals!

Delivery & Shipping

Do you ship worldwide

Pretty much, yes!

There are always a few tucked away places on this giant planet of ours that we can't reach, but for the most part, yes - unless you live in Marie Byrd Land off the coast of Antartica, we can likely reach you!

We use several couriers to ensure we cover as much of the globe as possible.

How much is shipping

Shipping fees vary by country & weight of order, for UK orders we have shipping from as low as £0.00 - just choose the economy option if you are not in a rush for your order and you can get free delivery (this option may take 3-5 days for UK orders).

We do offer a paid service for £4.99 within the UK, whereby you can get express next day delivery.

Europe, USA and further afield rates are shown at checkout.

Where do you ship from

Currently we ship from our fulfilment depot in Chorley, UK.

As the brand grows globally, we will be shipping from more territories & locations but for now we use Chorley as the base to ship worldwide.

What couriers do you use

We have access to many couriers but have chosen to use:
  • DPD Local - Next Day
  • Royal Mail & TRAKPAK - Free Services

Do you accept returns

Yes, if your product is unopened or damaged we will accept that back without issue.

Please check out our returns policy here


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