Keto Quick 295g - Orange Pineapple

Keto Quick 295g - Orange Pineapple

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Introducing KETO QUICK.  Kick your Keto diet into overdrive, with our brand new KETO QUICK.  A trademarked formula of BHB salts cleverly formulated to increase your blood Ketone levels, boost energy, improve mental alertness & Increase recovery from exercise, when used in conjunction with a Ketogenic diet. 

KETO Quick is available in a delicious Orange Pineapple flavor.  


KETO Quick contains a unique formula of BHB ( Beta-Hydroxy-Butyrate ) salts, which when used at the correct dosage can enable your body to enter Ketosis much quicker.  Ketosis is a desirable state for the body to be in when looking to lose visible body fat, the quicker your body can enter the state of Ketosis, the easier it is for your body to burn fat. It is that simple.  

If you want to drop pounds and feel mentally sharper being in Ketosis is a great way to do that, Keto Quick when used alongside a Keto-Friendly Diet can help drive your body into Ketosis much faster and help you stay in ketosis longer.  Meaning you can burn fat quicker, and keep it off for longer! Now that is a win-win situation! 

What is a Ketogenic Diet 

Quite simply a Ketogenic diet is the restriction of carbohydrates from your diet, it does not mean the elimination of Carbohydrates, you can still take in some carbohydrates on a keto diet ( usually about 50g daily ) but getting the most amount of your calories from fats and protein is the basic principle of the Keto Diet 

If you would like to read more on the Perfect Diet to take alongside KETO QUICK you can read this here

How do I take Keto Quick? 

Keto Quick is a great tasting Orange & Pineapple flavored drink, you can have this tasty drink with a high protein, high fat low carbohydrate meal 2 - 3 times daily.  Simply mix 1 scoop with 300ml of water and drink alongside your meal.  

How Long Can I take Keto Quick For ?

Keto Quick can be taken safely year-round if desired although most people use it in short cycles of 21 days at a time, to Kick-start the Ketosis process.  

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