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PNI Prodigy XT’s explosive formula has been specifically developed for those most serious individuals that are looking to achieve maximum performance time and time again in their workouts.

Rather than deceiving Consumer’s with a window-dressed, micro-dosed formula: Prodigy XT incorporates effective dosages of key ingredients to deliver never before seen energy levels, tunnel vision focus, skin tearing pumps, road-map vascularity, extended endurance and above all else elevated Strength & Power.

Prodigy XT is without a doubt, one of our hardest hitting, strongest pre-workout powder to date.  Compare for yourself and you’ll see that Prodigy XT’s combination of key ingredients in highly effective dosages has few challengers.

>Additional Information


Beta-Alanine is a non essential amino acid which is classified as a non-proteinogenic amino acid as it is not used in the building of protein.

  • Boosts explosive muscular strength and power output.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance.
  • Increases aerobic endurance.
  • Increases exercise capacity.

By boosting concentrations of beta alanine, our Type 2 muscle fibers can soak-up more Hydrogen, thereby helping us stay in an optimal pH range (ie, less acidic).  By keeping our bodies in an optimal pH range, we are better able to maintain maximal strength and endurance throughout training or competition.


L-Citruline Malate 2:1

this is an amino acid that is converted to l-arginine by the body making it more effective that l-arginine itself with regards to increasing blood levels of l-arginine. this an increasingly popular supplement especially within athletic performance because of its fast acting results, you can expect such things as:

  • reduced fatigue
  • improved endurance whether it be aerobic or anaerobic exercise
  • with some studies even demonstrating an increased power output

as well as these anecdotal evidence has shown that it has positive links to circulation causing a satisfying 'pump' effect which enhances blood flow to working muscles thus reducing fatigue and prolonging strength and power.


Creatine HCI

Creatine hydrochloride is considered superior to the more well known monohydrate because of its water soluble properties potentially improving absorption and also needed in lower doses. creatine in any form is used to suppress fatigue through buffering lactic acid which is a bi-product created through intense exercise. Through aiding in the ATP-PCr system to produce energy this can delay fatigue even at prolonged high intensities. 



Tyrosine supplements are often used by athletes because of their effect of activating metabolic pathways. However, when tyrosine is supplemented orally by humans it has also been shown by clinical studies to improve stress-induced cognitive and behavioral deficits, in particular working memory, and stress-sensitive focus tasks. It therefore carrys over to exercise because extended exercise is associated with central metabolic and neuroendocrine changes that may ultimately result in you feeling fatigue.



Caffeine reduces the ability of adenosine to bind to the receptors thereby preventing it from causing neural activity to slow down and make you feel sleepy. With the nerve cells being stimulated through the introduction of caffeine, they release the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), which causes; an increase in blood flow to muscles, improvement in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, performance enhancement. Caffeine has also known for increasing your dopamine levels which in turn enhances cognitive functioning capabilities and neuromuscular coordination.


2-Amino-6-Methylheptane (DMHA)

a stimulant which can aid in dopamine and norepinephrine uptake, subtle but significant increases in energy output while also having positive link to increasing metabolic rate and suppressing appetite. 


BioPerine - Black Pepper (Std. to 95% Piperine)

black pepper sometimes underestimated in terms of its uses within the context of a supplement. research has shown it to have positive effects on

  • fat loss - can prevent the formation of fat cells limiting how much is stored
  • thermogenic - can slightly raise core body temperature allowing the body to be more effective at burning calories at rest
  • can accelerate the absorption and effects of other ingredients. 
>Nutritional Panel
Serving Size: 1/2 Scoop (4.3g)
Servings Per Container: 60

Typical Values Per Serving

L-Citrulline Malate 2:1
Creatine HCl
2-Amino 6-Methylpentane (DMHA)
Bioperine Black Pepper Extract (Std. to 95% Piperine)
144 mg

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavours, Sodium Citrate, Silica, Sucralose, Acesulfame K, FD&C Red n.40 FD&amp CBlue n.1




To determine tolerance, begin by taking one serving (1 scoop) of Prodigy XT mixed with water 30 minutes prior to workout. After personal tolerance has been assessed, take one to two servings (1 – 2 scoops) of Prodigy XT 30 minutes before training begins. Add water for each serving. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water. If you have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before beginning such a program.

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