We call our Fish oils Super Fish Oils, the reason for this is quite simple, they contain double the amount of active ingredients EPA and DHA than most leading fish oil supplements. and have 1000mg of omega 3 fatty acids per capsule.

We have chosen a very high 500mg EPA and 250mg DHA


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What is EPA and DHA?

Our fish oils are 1000mg, but more importantly they contain very high doses of Both EPA and DHA, but what are they?
DHA is essential for the growth & function of the brain, expecting mothers are encouraged to eat oil fish and increase their good fat intake, the reason for this is due to the high DHA content found in these products, DHA helps the formation of neurons and brain development for the fetus, and provides the mother with a fantastic source of good fats which has a multitude of benefits for her and the baby.  
DHA alone can help to reduce heart disease, several studies exist around DHA and heart disease but one important study showed that 2500mg DHA (yes that would be 10 pills daily!) helps to increase the omega 3 index - a key blood marker for heart disease. DHA can aid in the lowering of cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) 
DHA is the main omega fat found in the human brain, as such high amounts of DHA have also been shown to improve ADHD symptoms in both adults & children, 2 capsules of our Super Fish oils packs enough DHA (according to studies) to reduce ADHD like symptoms between 8 and 15%!
EPA is found in large amounts of oily fish such as salmon & mackerel, EPA is found in our Super Fish oils at a very high 500mg dose. This dose has a multitude of health benefits for the heart and circulation. One great benefit of EPA is its use as an anti inflammatory, too much inflammation in any part of the body (joints, brain, heart) can have serious consequences, EPA reduces inflammation at a cellular level, making it a very good anti inflammatory indeed.



We recommend for overall health & well being that 2 capsules daily with food be taken of our Super Fish oils.



We recommend for overall health & well being that 2 capsules daily with food be taken of our Super Fish oils.

90 servings per tub

Super Fish Oils offers 90 servings per tub at the total price of £10.99 We believe for the quality of the product, this price is the best on the market!

To break it down, you will pay a total of £0.24p  Per 2 capsule Serving!

Complete Transparency

We were the first global brand to have a fully disclosed panel on our products!

We care about our customers health and nutritional values. No hidden agenda's, only pure quality inside and out

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